If you want your car to have a long life, keeping it clean and “healthy” is key. Read on for tips on how to take care of your car!

Tidy up the inside

Dispose of the trash that has been building up in your car (empty water bottles, coffee cups, receipts, and other junk). Then grab a small vacuum and get rid of the crumbs, dirt, and sand from your beach trip last month that may be scattered across your car floor and seats. Top it off by dusting your dashboard and steering wheel!

As good as new

Clean the exterior of your car. Head to the car wash every couple of months or wash it down yourself with a hose and some soap. Regularly cleaning the exterior will get rid of any chemicals that could deteriorate the car’s metal.

Winter is coming

Keep a scraper in your car during the colder months (or keep it in your trunk all year long). The scraper is used to remove snow and ice that may pile up on top of your car throughout the winter. Utilizing the scraper is essential because it will prevent anything from falling on your windshield or side mirrors while driving. Find winter driving tips here.

Keep it moving

If you don’t drive your car regularly, make sure to take it on a few trips a couple times per month. If your car sits for a long period of time, you risk problems developing with the engine and the battery dying.

Just do it!

You hear it all the time, but changing your oil is necessary. Oil in the car helps everything move smoothly and absorbs some of the heat while your engine is running.

Choose wisely

Make sure you put in the correct type of gas. Some cars only need “regular” gas, some require a higher grade of gas, and some require diesel. Do your research or ask a dealer what type of gas needs to be put into your car for it to run the smoothest and the longest.

Don’t forget protection

Finally, if you want your car to be taken care of, get it the right coverage at the right price! See quotes from the nation’s leading carriers here!

By mhennig