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Over these past couple of years, we’ve seen how quickly things can change. When people pass away, their financial obligations don’t go with them – the financial burden often falls on the ones they love most.

According to LIMRA, “42% of households would face financial hardship within six months should a wage earner die unexpectedly—25% would suffer financially within a month.”

We insure our cars, homes, and even our pets – why not the financial future of our family and loved ones?

And since September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, it may just be the right time to start making sure your loved ones are protected in case the unexpected happens.

Life Insurance built to meet your unique needs

At MyLifeProtected, we’re proud to provide our clients with access to an easy-to-understand and convenient life insurance option through Haven Life Insurance Agency called Haven Secure.

Usually when you apply for term life insurance, you select a term length (a certain number of years) and a coverage amount (potentially up to several million dollars). While that may work for some, many people aren’t sure how much coverage they’ll need in years from now.

With Haven Secure, you’re applying for a coverage amount to match an ongoing monthly expense (like a mortgage) or to replace your monthly income. No complicated calculations or “guesstimates” required, making it easier to understand exactly how much your loved ones will need in the event of a loss.

This unique term life insurance option takes the confusion out of determining how much coverage to buy. Instead of one lump sum, your loved ones would receive a steady monthly payout for up to 30 years – providing stability for your loved ones during an unstable time.

Why wait?

You may be saying to yourself, “But I’m young and healthy–I’ll get life insurance later.”

It’s great to hear you’re healthy; that’s something to be proud of! But now, especially during Life Insurance Awareness month, could actually be the best time to look into life insurance. Why? A young, healthy individual can get covered more easily and lock in a more affordable rate.

Taking the time to prepare now allows you to provide security for your family and loved ones. On top of that, it’s easy to take action through Haven Secure’s truly digital experience! The application is entirely online and it doesn’t require a medical exam to finalize coverage, unlike many other life insurers.

Take action

Since September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time to learn more about the opportunities to prepare for unexpected financial challenges. The online application can take you from applicant to policyholder within minutes.

But not only is Haven Secure just easy to buy, it’s coverage you can count on. That’s because coverage is issued by C.M. Life Insurance Company – a subsidiary of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, one of the country’s oldest and most trusted insurers.

Don’t wait; protect yourself today. Click here to start the fully digital journey to protecting your loved ones!

Haven Secure is a Term Life Insurance Policy (ICC20DTR 0420 in certain states, including NC) issued by C.M. Life Insurance Company, Enfield, CT 06082. Policy and rider form numbers and features may vary by state and may not be available in all states.

Issuing the policy or paying its benefits depends on the applicant’s insurability, based on their answers to the health questions in the application, and their truthfulness.

MyLifeProtected will receive compensation when recipients of this message open accounts with HavenLife and/or purchase a policy.