By: Madison Hennig

The final weeks of summer are upon us, and you realize that the time to plan your perfect vacation has passed. Don’t panic yet! Here are a couple tips you can use to plan a successful last-minute summer trip.

1] Decide on a budget. The time for planning ahead is long gone, so make sure you aren’t spending this year’s income on travel. Come up with a reasonable number that will serve as the maximum amount you can spend.

2] Think outside of the box. Sometimes it is less expensive to purchase two one-way plane tickets rather than a round trip ticket, or to fly out of a smaller, less populated airport.

3] Find a destination that is not super popular in the summer. Most people travel overseas or somewhere tropical during the hot months, so look into locations known for a lesser amount of tourism.

4] Explore different types of travel. Airports are constantly packed in the summer and flights can be overpriced. Try taking a road trip or the train to your destination and make stops along the way.

5] Do your research. Before you depart for your trip, look for a few restaurants and activities that will keep you occupied and in your budget.

6] Push back your vacation. If your schedule permits it, take your trip at the very end of summer (mid-September). Most travel prices go down during this time.

7] Purchase travel insurance. A lot can go wrong while traveling. Travel insurance is affordable and allows you to feel at ease knowing your trip is covered in the event of lost baggage, trip cancellation, and more.