By: Gus Suneson

Just like an insurance policy, our parents take care of us during tough times. They sacrifice their time and energy, and help us move closer to achieving our goals. 

July 28th is National Parents Day, a day that honors their unconditional love. Read on to learn different ways you can return the favor!

1] Start the day off right by taking your parents out for breakfast/brunch. Warm, fluffy pancakes will surely give them a great start to the day.

2] If your parents enjoy the outdoors, take them on a scenic hike at a local park or landmark. Even a walk through your neighborhood will give you all exercise and quality time to share.

3] If the weather isn’t great, that’s okay! Take your parents to a movie that appeals to the whole family. A movie is a great way to spend time with your loved ones, especially if it’s one you all have been waiting to see.

4] National Parents Day conveniently falls during baseball season, so take your parents to a game! It doesn’t matter if you’re watching the pros or a local town team – there’s a reason why baseball is America’s favorite pastime.

5] If you really want to give your parents the royal treatment, take them on a weekend getaway. National Parents Day falls on a Sunday, so take advantage of the weekend! 

6] Want to stay local? There’s plenty of ways to spend quality time with your parents, even if it’s in the comfort of your own home. Playing a board game or eating dinner as a family are two simple ways to show your parents you enjoy spending time with them. 

7] Treat your parents to a friendly round of bowling. Whether you’re teaming up or facing off against each other, bowling is known to be a fun family activity. 

8] If you’re 21 or older, plan a day to take a brewery tour or visit a local vineyard. Remember to pick up the tab on your way out!

9] Buy your parents tickets to see a favorite artist/band. Concerts are one of the most fun environments to be in. What’s better than listening to live music with the ones you love?

10] Finally, the most important thing you can do this holiday is say “thank you” to your parents. Whether you simply give them a card, or do something listed above, the gesture is sure to be appreciated. Our parents have been working hard for us since we were born, so it’s only right to return the favor!