By: Madison Hennig

You just moved into your first apartment, and your friends are dying to see your new place. Why not show it off with a dinner party? Not sure how to host one? Here are a couple tips!

1] The first thing you’re going to want to do is create a guest list. Are you inviting just your close friends, or can they bring a plus one? Will your family be invited? Make sure you invite people who will get along so the night goes smoothly.

2] Decide what dishes you will be serving at the party. Consider your guests and their preferences when making this decision. For example, if some of your invitees don’t eat meat, serve a pasta dish. 

3] Send out invitations (Facebook invitations are the typical go-to in 2019, but traditional paper invitations could give your guests a fun surprise)! Let your guests know when and where the party is and what attire they should be in. 

4] Create a playlist for the dinner with songs that your guests enjoy. Remember not to play the music too loud – you don’t want it to overpower your guests’ conversations.

5] A couple days before the party, organize your apartment. Dust the furniture, vacuum the floor, and put away any items that are lying out or could get in the way. You want your guests to feel comfortable. 

6] Create a grocery list, get all of your food items, and start cooking. At the store, double check that you didn’t forget any important ingredients. You can prepare anything that doesn’t need to be cooked the day of your party.

7] Enjoy the dinner! You worked hard to put on a great party. Don’t be on your feet the whole night – make sure to slow down and spend some quality time with your guests!