AOL MyLifeProtected Home Page - April 2016

Platform streamlines insurance shopping for AOL users and delivers savings exclusively for AOL members

BOSTON, April 4, 2016 – AOL today announced that it has selected MyLifeProtected to build a custom digital insurance shopping solution for AOL as its sole partner in the insurance category for AOL members. MyLifeProtected, a service of MassDrive Insurance Group, connects insurance buyers nationally to relevant insurance products using its innovative digital platform.

Brands and affinity groups looking to further engage their customers with relevant and valuable services are increasingly turning to insurance distribution to do so. MyLifeProtected allows partners to make a wide variety of protection products available to their audience, and streamlines the shopping experience by providing personalized service paired with competitive pricing through its comparison shopping technologies.

“We’re thrilled to kick off our partnership with AOL,” said MyLifeProtected co-founder and CEO Bill Suneson. “We’re eager to launch AOL MyLifeProtected to enhance users’ insurance shopping experience and provide real saving opportunities to their members.”

AOL will use a custom version of MyLifeProtected, called AOL MyLifeProtected, to offer comparative insurance quotes to AOL users nationally. Interested shoppers will then be matched with MyLifeProtected’s nationally licensed insurance agents who can build a personalized insurance policy. In addition, AOL members will have access to group discounts on multiple insurance types, including auto insurance and pet insurance.

As part of this partnership,, a subsidiary of AOL and one of the largest sites on the Internet for car enthusiasts, will utilize MyLifeProtected technology to provide real-time auto insurance rates and policies to readers.

MyLifeProtected will offer a growing lineup of health, life and property and casualty insurance products to AOL members, including a suite of simplified issue life insurance products and a pet insurance product with simple online enrollment.

“Partnering with MyLifeProtected will enable AOL to introduce relevant insurance products to our members from a platform that boasts the most robust product and carrier mix in the market,” said Brendan Jennings, senior vice president of membership at AOL. “We’re proud to offer this customized benefit to our members, who can rest assured that they are purchasing a best-in-class insurance product at a competitive price.”

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About MyLifeProtected

MyLifeProtected, a service of MassDrive Insurance Group, connects insurance buyers to relevant products using its innovative digital platform and partnerships with consumer brands. MassDrive Insurance Group is a national digital insurance agency that enables strategic partners to provide relevant insurance offers to their customers. Originally launched in Massachusetts, MassDrive combines innovative, technology-driven services with industry expertise to deliver customized insurance policies that give the best protection and value to consumers. MassDrive operates the national digital insurance distribution platform MyLifeProtected and offers consumer-centric technology solutions such as SnapQuoteTM. MassDrive is an affiliate of Next Generation Insurance Group, LLC. For more information, visit or in Massachusetts.

About AOL

AOL is a media technology company with a mission to simplify the internet for consumers and creators by unleashing the world’s best builders of culture and code. As one of the largest online properties with approximately 500 million monthly global consumers of its premium brands and combined Microsoft inventory, AOL is at the center of disruption of how content is being produced, distributed, consumed and monetized by connecting publishers with advertisers on its global, programmatic content and advertising platforms. AOL’s opportunity lies in shaping the future of the digitally connected world for decades to come. AOL is a subsidiary of Verizon.

By Paul Pennelli

Paul Pennelli is an omni-channel marketer with a wealth of demand, media, product, and content experience. He is the creator and editor of Insurance Marketing Weekly.